Wanted: Content Creators to Inspire Others…The Need for Civil Legal Aid is Vital!

The Louisiana Bar Foundation (LBF) Seeks Content Contributors for 2023-24 Speak Out for Justice! Focus on Civil Legal Aid.

Speak Out for Justice! Focus on Civil Legal Aid is a program of the LBF’s Education Committee. The purpose of this program is to support the LBF’s educational goals and show how vital the need for civil legal aid is to those who need it most. The LBF seeks to simultaneously engage with multiple content creators for this program. Each selected author/content creator will receive a $500 – $2,500 honorarium, depending on content.

Two RFP’s

·         We seek proposals for Public Awareness of the vital need for civil legal aid services for those who cannot afford them. We anticipate media types may include (but are not limited to): Podcasts, series of written content such as stories, articles, interviews, blog posts, publications, video, psa’s, social media content, and/or art.

·         We seek proposals for Research to measure the effectiveness of ongoing civil legal aid programs. We anticipate formats may include (but are not limited to): economic analyses, series of written content (blogs, news articles, interviews, reports), publications, extrapolations from Census data and related materials, social science articles, hypotheses and surveys affirming or disproving current beliefs and approaches, and other formats to effectively discuss civil legal aid with those less familiar with it.

Public Awareness 



Contact Dee Jones if you have questions or call 504.561.7303.


Learn more about Speak Out for Justice! Focus on Civil Legal Aid here