LBF Donor Spotlight

Greg Landry

               Greg Landry began his legal career at Louisiana State University’s (LSU) Paul M. Hebert Law Center. Mr. Landry’s journey through the rungs of his legal profession started as a paralegal, then a judicial clerk, and finally as an attorney with Acadiana Legal Services Corporation (ALSC). The capstone role of his 38-year career was serving ALSC as its Executive Director. Upon reflecting, Greg credited his decision to pursue Pro-Bono work to his exposure to Public Interest Law as a paralegal at ALSC.
               Through his career there, ALSC relied upon the Louisiana Bar Foundation’s (LBF) support of pro bono legal work in Louisiana. He described the direct impact on the state’s legal system of the Foundation’s funding of Civil Legal Aid through its many initiatives and programs. Those initiatives include Disaster Relief Effort Funds, Funding for Children in Need, upgrading the case management system used statewide by legal aid providers, and Loan Repayment Programs which help attract and retain public interest lawyers.
               In discussing with his wife, Donna, Greg decided to use their Donor-Advised Fund (DAF) to support LBF. But what is a DAF? DAFs are a way for people to make charitable contributions to public charities and direct which non-profit organizations receive their donations. DAFs are simple to use, may save the donor on taxes, and let donors have control over the investment of their money and donations.
You can be a part of this story too! Consider creating or using a DAF to support the Louisiana Bar Foundation. 
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