LBF Appoints Leadership Positions

Louisiana Bar Foundation (LBF) President Deidre D. Robert appointed members to chair the LBF committees and subcommittees.

Committee and subcommittee chairs and co-chairs include Michael J. Mestayer, chair of the Communications Committee; Zebulon M. Winstead, chair of the Development Committee; G. Adam Cossey, chair of the Annual Fellows Gala Subcommittee; Monica Vela Vick and Maggie Trahan Simar, co-chairs of the Membership Committee; John C. Nickelson and Adrienne D. White, co-chairs of the Diversity Equity & Inclusion Committee; Linda Law Clark, chair of the Education Committee; Deidre D. Robert, chair of the Executive Committee and the Nominating Committee; Edmund J. Giering IV , chair of the Finance Committee and the Investments Committee; Alan G. Brackett, chair of the Governance Committee; Hon. John C. Davidson, chair of the Grants Committee; George D. “Dave” Ernest III and Camille R. Jackson, co-chairs of the Grantee Auditing/Training Committee; and Hon. John C. Davidson and Anthony J. Staines, co-chairs of the My Community Cares Committee.