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Fellows Class Project

In partnership with Louisiana Appleseed, the Fellows Class Project Series is a way for new Fellows to become involved and be a part of the LBF mission.

2019 Fellows Class Project


The Flight of the Legal Navigator Project will educate the Fellows Class about many of the unrealized legal needs of Louisiana’s low-income and under-served communities and the efforts being made to find actionable information and resources to provide to those falling within this "Justice Gap". The Civil Legal Navigator is an online portal that will use artificial intelligence and curated experiences to direct users to diagnosing whether they have a legal problem and if so, how to find help---whether help is in the form of an article, form, or referral. Through this project, the Fellows will work closely with Louisiana Appleseed and Lagniappe Law Lab to expand a content library which will help educate people on their legal issues and refer them to the appropriate resource within the civil legal network; thereby improving accessibility, effectiveness, and efficiency of legal services in Louisiana.

Through a professionalism CLE for the Class, Louisiana Appleseed will provide the Fellows with an overview of the Civil Legal Navigator—including how artificial intelligence and curated experiences work, the areas of law requiring additional content and resources, and how to provide other vital information. The Fellows will then be asked to assist Louisiana Appleseed with researching, analyzing, and drafting content as needed to fully populate the Civil Legal Navigator, as well as any other technical assistance.

This project will complement the work of the Louisiana Bar Foundation and hopefully with the help of the Fellows Class, we will get one step closer to empowering low-income and marginalized members of our community to take the first steps in addressing their most pressing legal needs.

Any Fellows interested in participating may contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


2018 Fellows Class Project

The Fellows Class Project of 2018 focused on the Legal Service Corporations (LSC) Liaison Project. Given the vital importance of this issue, this Class Project topic is continuing for a second year in order to continue to raise awareness of the need for LSC funding throughout the state. 

2017 Fellows Class Project

The Fellows Class Project of 2017 focused on the Legal Service Corporations (LSC) Liaison Project which educates communities throughout Louisiana about the importance of LSCs and how the recent decline in state and federal funding, in addition to Louisiana’s high poverty, place our already challenged civil legal aid system in crisis.  

2016 Fellows Class Project

The Fellows Class Project of 2016 focused on Appleseed's Clear Title Project. The Clear Title Project educates residents throughout Louisiana about how to preserve home ownership. Fellows helped provide law-related education to community members regarding how to transfer title to inherited property, properly and legally, and about how the lack of transfer can cause serious barriers to recovery after a disaster. 

2015 Fellows Class Project
The Fellows Class Project of 2015 focused on educating Louisiana attorneys about the new "CLE credit for Pro Bono work" rule. The Fellows reached out to attorneys in their geographic areas to educate them about the new rule and to encourage them to take on pro bono cases.

2014 Fellows Class Project
The Fellows class of 2014 focused on researching the application of Louisiana's In Forma Pauperis (IFP) laws to indigent case filings and developing strategies to ensure uniform application.

2013 Fellows Class Project
The Fellows class of 2013 focused on assisting individuals and communities with foreclosure and housing-related issues related to the National Mortgage Servicing Settlement.

2012 Fellows Class Project
The Fellows class of 2012 focused on heirship property and title clearing.

2011 Fellows Class Project
The Fellows class of 2011 focused on increasing community awareness about teen dating violence and the importance of prevention through education.

2010 Fellows Class Project
The Fellows class of 2010 focused on preserving homeownership through community outreach. The class attended community events and talked to homeowners about the importance of obtaining clear title to their property. Attendees were given a copy of Appleseed's Protect Your Property: Heir Property in Louisiana, a homeowners guide to building wealth and protecting assets.

"Becoming a LBF Fellow and a member of the Class Project Series was a great opportunity for me to volunteer in a unique and rewarding way." Hon. Marie A. Bookman (ret.)

"I thoroughly enjoyed helping educate our community about the importance of clear title and the resources available to them in our legal community." Patricia A. Garcia

2009 Fellows Class Project
The Fellows class of 2009 focused on domestic violence.

2008 Fellows Class Project
The Fellows class of 2008 focused on Equitable Funding for Special Needs Children. LBF Fellows researched national and statewide policies for funding special needs children's education and have compiled research and data into a report.

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