Stories of Justice

Alisha and AJ from LaCombe
Southeast Louisiana Legal Services, Child Custody
Robert L. Bunting from Thibodaux
Southeast Louisiana Legal Services, Foreclosure
Tony Holcomb from Minden
TEAMS, Child in Need of Care
Wilma Reed from Sunshine
Louisiana Southeast Louisiana Legal Services, Social Security
Elizabeth Mahoney from Violet
St. Bernard Battered Women's Shelter, Domestic Violence
Four years after Beth fled her abusive husband, she was still stalked by him. Beth's husband located her home, forced entry, destroyed her furniture, punched holes in the wall and refused to leave. Legal aid attorneys put an end to this nightmarish terror by helping Beth obtain a permanent injunction, divorce, and sole custody of her child.
Eric, a deaf student, was expelled from school because of behavior problems directly related to a disability. Legal aid attorneys requested an Individualized Education Planning meeting on Eric's behalf. Through that process, his parents were able to secure an appropriate educational plan for him. With his communication and behavioral needs being properly addressed, Eric is flourishing in his new school and receiving the education he deserves.
Earl, an elderly Section 8 tenant, was taken advantage of by his landlord who wrongfully overcharged his rent for 5 years. Nonetheless, the landlord refused to reimburse Earl. Legal aid attorneys helped Earl obtain $2,450 in rent refunds from his landlord.
Vanessa went to Chez Hope, an LBF grantee, for help getting a restraining order because her husband had been abusing her. He had their girls, ages four and five, for the weekend and when Vanessa picked them up, he shot at her car, missed and ran away. Chez Hope gave Vanessa and her girls shelter and kept them safe for three weeks until her husband was captured. Chez Hope has helped her find the strength within herself to break free and start a life free from violence.
During a school presentation on abuse and neglect prevention, Sally became visibly upset and was immediately taken to the counselor's office, where she revealed sexual abuse by a family friend. After reporting the situation to the Department of Children and Family Services, she was brought to LBF grantee, Advocacy Center, where she was assigned a legal aid attorney. The attorney worked with child protective services, law enforcement, prosecutors, and medical examiners to coordinate interviews in one location to minimize the child's trauma.

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