2016-18 Scholar in Resident Project

The 2016-18 Scholar in Resident (SIR) is Christopher K. Odinet from Southern University Law Center, and Melissa Lonegrass from Louisiana State University Paul M. Hebert Law Center. Their work is a comprehensive work on the public records doctrine in Louisiana.

SIR Background

1991, the LBF Board of Directors established the SIR program to incorporate an academic and scholarly dimension to the organization. The program is intended to enhance the LBF’s overall educational program, and to support legal education in Louisiana by bringing the practicing bar and Louisiana’s law schools closer together. The Education Committee reviews applicants and makes a recommendation to the board. The SIR term is for two years and includes a $7,500 stipend. During these two years, the scholar shall produce an academic work suitable for the intended LBF purpose. The SIR can be a professor, lawyer, law school dean, from the general public including teaches, writers, and other scholars.
The first SIR recipient was Professor Paul R. Baier of Louisiana State University Paul M. Herbert Law Center for his work titled Time and the Court. The original work, taken from an Oration on the Occasion of the Bicentennial of the Supreme Court of the United States and delivered on February 2, 1990, first appeared in the Louisiana Bar Journal, Vol. 38, No. 1.
Some of Professor Baier’s other work:
An Evening with Justice Holmes


The Louisiana Lawyer and Other People’s Money
Published in 1998, this booklet serves as a guide to managing client funds. It includes Gilsbar’s Money Management Map, obligations and responsibilities of lawyers regarding trust accounts and disciplinary concerns.
In Our Own Words: Reflections on Professionalism in the Law
This book was published in an effort to address the growing concerns of professionalism and civility in the practice of law. It provides a variety of perspectives on professionalism in the legal profession.
Conclave on Legal Education and Professional Development
Aimed at improving the professional development of lawyers from law schools forward, this book includes the reports and recommendations of four subcommittees: The Law School Years, The First Five Years, The Middle Years and The Mature Years.
The Louisiana Civil Code: A European Legacy for the United States
This is a non-technical book that explains the Louisiana Civil Code to unschooled in the civil law. It is divided into three interrelated sections: European Antecedents, Louisiana’s Experience with Civil Law and Institutions of the Civil Code.
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