Louisiana Appleseed

Louisiana Appleseed is part of a national network of 17 public interest law centers across North America. National Appleseed was founded in 1993, by members of the Harvard Law School Class of 1958, as a nonprofit dedicated to help organize, establish and guide public interest law centers throughout the country. Louisiana Appleseed is continuing in this tradition of community-based innovation.
Louisiana Appleseed was founded in 1997 and reconstituted in January 2007, when the law firm Adams and Reese joined with national Appleseed and ConocoPhillips to re-open the Louisiana Center. Since then, Louisiana Appleseed has proven itself as an effective advocacy organization that promotes systemic change that assists vulnerable populations. We are a flourishing nonprofit with a diverse Board of Directors comprised of 21 professionals, including members of the judiciary. To date, we have engaged over 200 volunteers to donate pro bono time to effect long-lasting, systemic change in our state. Louisiana Appleseed continues to devise effective solutions to broad-based problems and has built meaningful community partnerships.
Louisiana Appleseed is the only organization of its kind in Louisiana. Our volunteers use their unique skill sets to work closely with direct legal services, government agencies, and other nonprofits to identify and solve our state’s most challenging issues. We often collaborate with community partners to provide research, advocacy, and policy-oriented solutions to enhance their direct services.