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The Louisiana Bar Foundation membership, referred to as Fellows, consists of judges, lawyers and academia whose professional, public and private lives demonstrate their commitment to ensuring access to the justice system for all. 

Fellows make an annual dues payment or unrestricted donation, minimum requirement or more, as outlined in the By-Laws Article III to support the ongoing services and programs of the Foundation. Examples of this type of donation may include one or more of the following: Fellows payment, Year End donation, memorial/tribute donation and LSBA check-off donation. In accordance with the LBF Articles of Incorporation, Fellows meeting this criteria are entitled to one vote at the Annual Meeting of the Foundation.

Benefits of Fellowship include committee participation and leadership, professional development and networking, invitations to special events and meetings, participation in annual nominations for Louisiana's distinguished jurist, attorney, and professor awards, recognition of one's contribution to the profession, alliance with the Foundation's mission and association with an organization directly impacting the legal profession.

How Can I become a Fellow?

The LBF Fellowship criteria requires sponsorship by an existing member. To qualify for Fellowship, one must be a member of the Louisiana State Bar Association in good standing or any member of the faculty of an American Bar Association accredited law school in Louisiana.

Levels of Fellowship:

Edward Douglas White Fellow ($5,000 or more annually)
Edward Livingston Fellow ($1,000-$4,999 annually)
Pierre Derbigny Fellow ($500-$999 annually)
Louis Moreau-Lislet Fellow ($200-$499 annually)
Academic Fellow ($150 or more annually) Full-time Louisiana law school professor
Judicial Fellow ($150 or more annually) Full-time federal or state judge, magistrate, commissioner, administrative law judge, or hearing officer
Public Service Fellow ($150 or more annually) Full-time employee of a public interest organization or a governmental agency
Young Lawyer Fellow ($100 or more annually) Meets the criteria of the LSBA Young Lawyers Section

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