2017-18 Scholarship Recipients

Alesha, Lake Charles

Alesha's dad, a paramedic, was killed while working outside when he was pinned and crushed between a windblown mobile home and a car.

Alexander, Lake Charles

Alexander's mom was a teacher. She became permanently disabled in a work accident.

Allana, Marrero

Allana's dad fell and died while working on a barge on the Mississippi River. 

Allie, Thibodaux

Allie's dad was severely injured at work when he was crushed by a forklift. He passed away after being disabled.

Amanda, Dry Creek

Amanda's father was killed in a vehicular accident while working.

Andre, Lafayette

Andre's father was killed in a vehicular accident while at work.

Anna, Breaux Bridge

Anna's dad was permanently and totally disabled in a vehicular work accident when four discs in his low back were shattered and four discs in his neck were ruptured. 

Breanna, Lafayette

Breanna's father died when he suffered blunt force injuries in an industrial pipeline explosion at work.

Brittany, DeRidder

Brittany's dad was making repairs on a downed power line when he was electrocuted and died.

Colby, Belle Chasse

Colby's father was killed when hit by a crane boom at work.

Darein, LaPlace

Darein's mom was a nurse. While working with patients, she was injured and disabled.

Derek, Baton Rouge

Derek's dad died at work when he became asphyxiated due to argon gas inhalation.

Grant, New Iberia

Grant's dad was inspecting equipment from a 30 foot high scaffold, which collapsed, damaging his spine and disabling him.

Hallie, Patterson

Hallie's mother was a high school teacher, trying to break up a fight between students, she was injured and disabled. 

Heather, New Orleans

Heather's father was a roofer when he fell and broke his neck. He was paralyzed from the neck down and has since passed away.

Jessica, Eros

Jessica's father fell from the roof of a house, new construction, he sustained head injuries & died.

Katelyn, Jefferson 

Katelyn's dad was a cab driver. He was shot and killed while on the job.

Mason, Luling

Mason's dad became disabled at work when he ruptured a disc while working. He had three fusions and nerve damage, disabling him.

Quentin, Paincourtville

His mother was a meter reader for the water company when a tree limb fell on her while working, disabling her.

William, Bossier City

Williams father was permanently disabled when he suffered a back/disc injury at work.

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