2011-12 Scholarship Recipients

Aaron, Independence

Aaron's dad was a nurse. He was overpowered by a psychotic patient while trying to restrain him. The patient fell and his father suffered a severe dislocation and rotator cuff tear with three bulging discs in his cervical spine. Aaron's major is German, with a minor in Ancient History. His career objective is to be a pilot in the United State Air Force. He has worked very hard to be the highest ranking Air Force Cadet in New Orleans, he said, "Kids' Chance has and will continue to, make an education possible for me. I want to fly and protect our freedom, and Kids' Chance will make that possible." 

Bryce, Breaux Bridge

Bryce's dad was permanently disabled in a vehicular accident while at work when he was hit from behind by another employee. He has had two surgeries including a three level fusion. He also has four additional injured discs in his neck. Bryce is getting a bachelor's degree in Industrial Technology. His career objective is to work in the oil industry-pneumatics (electrical specialty). "My father lost his livelihood when I was at a young age," said Bryce, "without TOPS and Kids' Chance my family would not have the means of sending me to college." Bryce's sister Leah is also a Kids' Chance Scholarship recipient. 

Caleb, Lake Charles

Caleb's dad was injured at work and when he was in an accident that ruptured a disc in his back, disabling him. Since the injury, Caleb's dad has passed away. "My whole life, we depended on my mom working full-time, my dad's workman's compensation for five years and social security to make ends meet. My mom has struggled to provide opportunities for me and my younger sister. This scholarship takes a huge burden off my mom," said Caleb. Caleb's major is Christian/Biblical studies. 

Candice, Marksville

Candice's dad broke his back and became disabled while carrying a heavy man away from a riot at the prison where he was employed. He has had four surgeries because of this injury. Candice plans to graduate with a bachelors degree. She would like to own her own business or participate in real estate or stocks. 

Coby, Duson

Coby's dad died after falling 160 feet from a water tower while at work. Coby is considering a career in industrial design. 

Cody, Minden

Cody's dad was permanently and totally disabled while working at the railroad where he injured his knee. Cody plans to pursue a degree in education. He would love to coach/teach at the high school level. 

Colby, Dry Creek

Colby's dad died in a work related auto accident. Colby's intended field of study is criminal justice. He would like to become a U.S. Marshall. "Kids' Chance will take some of the financial burden away,” said Colby. 

Emily, Ragley

Emily's dad died when his leg was caught in a piece of farm equipment and traumatically amputated. She plans to major in nursing and have a career as an obstetrics nurse. Emily said, "Receiving this scholarship is a blessing. It helps to relieve stress due to finances, allowing me to focus on my academics." 

Gage, Iowa

Gage's dad was a pipe fitter when a 2,500 pound bundle of pipe fell on him. The accident destroyed three discs in his neck. He sustained severe shoulder damage, a concussion, and a broken leg. Eventually the injuries led to the amputation of his left hand and arm. Through this accident, Gage found a new respect for life and not taking things for granted. He is now majoring in nursing, and will specialize in nurse anesthesia. Gage said, "I plan to strive to make a difference in the lives of those in need as most of the health care professionals did in my dad's greatest time of need." 

Heather, New Orleans

Heather's father fell 20 feet from a building he was working on. His spinal column was severed; he was left paralyzed from the neck down. He has since passed away. Heather was fascinated and influenced by the doctors and nurses who helped her dad. She wants to become a doctor. "I love working with people," she says. 

Jessica, Leesville

Jessica's dad worked as a teacher. While at school, he fell on an icy sidewalk and suffered traumatic brain stem injury. He is retired and on permanent disability. Jessica's circumstances have helped her realize the importance of college. Working with her dad helped her discover her gift. "I want to use my gift of patience to make a difference in children's lives," said Jessica. She plans to major in elementary special education. 

Joshua, Labadieville

Joshua's dad was killed instantly when his work truck was struck by a train. Joshua wants to be a successful engineer and provide the guidance of a father that he missed to his future children. "I didn't allow the death of my father to keep me down; I stayed focused on my work. He would have been proud," said Joshua. 

JulieAnne, Franklin

JulieAnne's father was killed in a farming accident when he was hit by a tractor. JulieAnne is studying to be a nurse. She says, "The nursing program is very rigorous and time consuming. I will not be able to work many hours to help pay for my education. Kids' Chance scholarship will allow me to dedicate more of my time to my studies." 

Kandi, Winnfield

Kandi's dad inhaled hydrochloric acid at work and permanently damaged his lungs. Kandi's field of intended study is sports medicine. 

Leah, Breaux Bridge

Leah's dad was permanently disabled in a vehicular accident while at work when he was hit from behind by another employee. He has had two surgeries including a three level fusion. He also has four additional injured discs in his neck. Leah is majoring in business management. She plans to own and operate a dancing school. Leah's brother Bryce is also a Kid's Chance Scholarship recipient. 

Mariett, St. Amant

Mariett's dad worked for a moving company when a load fell on him, broke his back and left him paralyzed from the waist down. Mariett want to become an ultrasound/sonogram techincian. 

Meagan, Jeanerette

Megan's father was injured at work while lifting a palette of pipes. He ruptured discs in his low back. Surgery was not successful and he is disabled and unable to work. Megan plans to study music education and hopes to teach someday. 

Raven, Bastrop

Raven's dad was a detective, shot and killed in the line of duty while responding to a claim of a petty theft. "When my father died in the line of duty, his death was brutal, public and highly unexpected. The media has placed my family under constant scrutiny. I have made it my personal goal in life to triumph over tragedy and to rise above all adversity," said Raven. Her major field of study is biology/pre-med, her career objective is to become a pediatric physician. 

Rayce, Lake Arthur

Rayce's father worked for the parish mosquito abatement program, and was a passenger in a mosquito control airplane that crashed. Rayce is currently enrolled in general studies, and plans to be a musician.  

Rebecca M., Lutcher

Rebecca's dad was at work when he fell from a high tower and shattered his left leg and ankle. He has been totally disabled since the accident. Rebecca wants to have a career in the culinary arts/hospitality industry.

Rebecca P., Bossier City

Rebecca's dad worked for the department of transportation. While he was carrying two portable scales to weigh an 18-wheel truck, he twisted his ankle, jolting his back, and herniated a disc in his lower spine. Two laminectomies failed to provide relief and a lumbar fusion was performed. He has been in pain management and unable to work for 13 years. Rebecca plans to graduate with a bachelor's degree in kinesiology and attend a physical therapy program to become a licensed physical therapist. 

Sara, Jennings

Sara's dad suffered a work-related injury to his lower back. Two unsuccessful surgeries have left him in chronic pain. Sara is working to obtain a degree in early childhood education and plans to be a teacher. 

Tara, Jennings

Tara's dad was electrocuted at work. Both arms are amputated just below the elbow. At first she found it hard to concentrate on school because she was worried about her dad. “Now I am able to focus on school and get good grades to get scholarships so my parents won't have to pay for my full college," Tara says. Tara is majoring in accounting and wants to be a CPA.


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