2008-09 Scholarship Recipients

Tiarra - Grosse Tete, Louisiana

Tiarra's dad was a welder. In 1990, while at work, he was pinned between two pipes and couldn't move, as a result he became permanently disabled. Because of her dad's disability, Tiarra and her sisters all want to work in the medical profession.

Tiarra plans to attend Southern University - Baton Rouge and study physical therapy.


Kristen - Castor, Louisiana

In July of 1980 Kristen's father was injured on the job while cutting logs. His back was crushed when a tree snapped and fell across his shoulders. He is permanently in a wheelchair with multiple health problems. 

This accident has been a tragic event in Kristen's life, but she is optimistic about the future. "I feel that my father's disability has taught me to be independent and accept life's challenges with a positive attitude," said Kristen.

Kristen will use her Kids' Chance Scholarship to help pay for her college expenses at Louisiana Tech, where her major is elementary education.


Megan - Ragley, Louisiana

Megan's father was killed when the work truck he was driving, an oil tanker, flipped over and caught fire. She often thinks to herself how she can make him proud, "It is kind of a good motivation to be a better person," said Megan. 

Megan is currently enrolled in the nursing program at McNeese State University. She plans to become a registered nurse.


Aaron - Independence, Louisiana

Aaron's dad injured his shoulder while working at a hospital. After three surgeries, he is still permanently disabled. 

Aaron starts Tulane this fall. His intended field of study is pre-med.


Kacey - Lake Charles, Louisiana

Kacey's dad was driving in his work truck when an 18-wheeler backed into him, killing him instantly. 

Kacey wants to be a high school teacher and youth pastor. She plans to start McNeese State University this fall.


Brandon - Breaux Bridge, Louisiana

Brandon's father was permanently disabled after his work vehicle was struck from behind, throwing him into another company vehicle. He has had two surgeries to his lower back including a three level fusion, numerous injections and therapy. He also has four injured discs in his neck. He has been unable to work for 12 years.

Brandon attends the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, and has maintained Dean's list recognition every semester. He is working on a bachelors degree in nursing and allied health. He would like to get a masters in the science of nursing with a specialization in anesthesia. Brandon says, "Kids' Chance will help me achieve my goals by giving me the financial stability to finish my undergraduate work."


Bryce - Breaux Bridge, Louisiana

Bryce's father was permanently disabled after his work vehicle was struck from behind, throwing him into another company vehicle. He has had two surgeries to his lower back including a three level fusion, numerous injections and therapy. He also has four injured discs in his neck. He has been unable to work for 12 years.

Bryce attends the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, pursuing a bachelors degree in Industrial Technology. "Kids' Chance will help me achieve my goal by providing the financial support I need to complete my education, without the aid of TOPS and Kids' Chance my family would not have the means of sending me to college," said Bryce.


Sara Beth - Jennings, Louisiana

Sara Beth's dad herniated two discs while lifting heavy office equipment at work. He has had two surgeries, but suffers with chronic pain and severe scarring around the nerve roots. He has been permanently disabled for 11 years.

Sara Beth plans to attend the University of Louisiana Lafayette in the fall. Her intended field of study is Early Childhood Development and Photography.


Blake - Florien, Louisiana

Blake's father, who was a car salesmen, took a man for a test drive and was kidnapped, robbed and murdered. His father's death was a devastating event in Blake's life. "It made me more determined to become a person who my father would be proud of. I have overcome these circumstances by realizing we cannot control what happens to us, we can only control what we do with the circumstances.”

Blake is at Northwestern State University, working to receive a Bachelor of Science Radiologic Technology.


Lori - Oberlin, Louisiana

Lori's mother, a meter maid in her hometown was struck on her head by a falling branch. She suffered a broken neck, two crushed vertebras, and three ruptured discs. Her mother spent 10 days in ICU and three months recovering in the hospital. Upon returning home she was in a neck brace for six months and required professional nursing assistance for a year. She also suffered multiple seizures, memory loss and migraines. She is permanently disabled.

Lori has worked hard to maintain good grades and be an active member in her community and church. She is currently enrolled at McNeese State University, majoring in biology with dental school in her future.


Jarrett - St. Amant, Louisiana

While on the job Jarrett's dad was working under a structure that collapsed, breaking his back and paralyzing him. When asked how his circumstances have affected him Jarrett said, “It has shown me that you never know what will happen so don't take anything for granted. Anything is possible, just look at my dad.” 

Jarrett will attend Louisiana Technical College this year. He is studying to get a degree in Instrumentation.


Molly - Folsom, Louisiana

Molly's father was killed on a construction site in 2004. He was building a bridge when an improperly rigged beam fell on him. Molly said, “Because of my dad's death, I have become a more independent, mature, driven and ambitious woman. I know that my dad would be proud of me, and because of that, I have become a better person.”

Molly, attends Louisiana State University, and is majoring in accounting. She plans to attend graduate school and sit for the CPA exam. "This scholarship has been an extreme help, I have been able to focus on my studies,” said Molly.


Jennifer M. - Sunset, Louisiana

Jennifer's father was injured at work when he was climbing a ladder with a bundle of rope. His foot got caught and he slipped and fell 25 feet, landing on his back. Her father's accident has greatly impacted Jennifer. “It makes me work harder, set higher goals for myself, because I know my parents can't afford what a lot of my friends parents can, so I have to spend most of my time studying to keep up my grades, to achieve my ultimate goal," said Jennifer.

Jennifer is at Louisiana State University, working on a major in chemical engineering with a minor in business administration. After graduation, she plans to further her education by working on her masters.


Jennifer P. - Oberlin, Louisiana

In 1998 Jennifer's father drowned in an accident at work. While cleaning the pool at the military base where he worked, he blacked out and sank to the bottom of the pool, where he drowned. "My father's death inspires me to do my best at everything. If he were still alive, he would expect nothing but my best effort," said Jennifer.

Jennifer is attending McNeese State University where she is enrolled in the nursing program, she plans on becoming a nurse practitioner.


Dustin - Harahan, Louisiana

Dustin's dad died six years ago when he was injured on the job. He worked on the right-of-way crew for an electric company. He was bush hogging and a tree limb came into the cab, stuck in his leg below his groin and severed his femoral artery.

Dustin just received his Associates in Paralegal Studies from Tulane University. He will continue his education at Northwestern State University. His goal is to either eventually go to law school or get a job with the Louisiana State Police Bureau of Investigations.


Kimber - Bogalusa, Louisiana

Kimber's father was working when he was cut in the knee with a grinder, causing extensive nerve and ligament damage. As a result of his injury, major hip and back damage occurred.

Kimber will attend Southeastern Louisiana University in Hammond and plans to get her bachelors degree in social work.


Joshua - Metairie, Louisiana

In May of 1998, Joshua's father was injured while unloading a large shipment of one and a half ton truck batteries weighing around 60 to 75 pounds each. Since his accident he is unable to work. "It's been many years since my dad has been able to work. My dad has shown me that even if things are hard or difficult, you have to overcome them when something is important to you," said Joshua. 

Joshua, is attending Louisiana State University and majoring in engineering.


Casey - Metairie, Louisiana

In 1993 Casey's father fell from a roof while working. He had four surgeries following his accident. “My father is truly an inspiration for me,” says Casey, “He has helped me to become the person I am today, and I hope to make him proud.”

Casey, has used the Kids' Chance Scholarship for school and supplies. She is in the Respiratory Care Technology Program at Delgado and loves it. She will graduate in May and begin her career at a local hospital.


Savannah - Deville, Louisiana

Savannah's father climbed a ladder to put dye into a concrete truck, the ladder broke, he fell to the ground, injuring his back. He's had two surgeries but he is permanently disabled. 

Savannah attends Louisiana College in Pineville, LA, majoring in accounting. She would like to get a CPA license and dreams of pursuing a masters degree. "The Kids' Chance Scholarship has helped me so much, this scholarship helps me to achieve my much desired goals,” says Savannah.

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