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2022 President's Award-Maggie T. Simar

The 2022 President's Award was given to Maggie T. Simar in recognition of her outstanding support, dedication and advancement of the mission and goals of the Louisiana Bar Foundation (LBF) from 2021-22 LBF President Christopher K. Ralston.


Maggie has been a LBF Fellow since 2010 and has been a member of the LBF board since 2020.  Maggie serves on the membership subcommittee and has been a member of the Acadiana Community Partnership Panel since 2011.  Maggie also serves on the Grants Committee as the CPP Subcommittee Chair, working with the nine panels to review funding recommendations. This year, Maggie also worked with the panels to identify potential programs and projects located in areas designated as legal deserts that are eligible for LBF panel funding.

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