Louisiana Bar Foundation Grants Funds to Help Clear Up Title Issues

The Louisiana Bar Foundation (LBF) granted Louisiana Appleseed disaster assistance funds to provide information to assist residents with clouded title issues.

The disasters of Hurricane Laura and the COVID-19 pandemic have compromised the prospect of creating or maintaining generational wealth for many low-income families. A home is often the asset that allows families to leverage their financial opportunities to access higher education, open small businesses, or retain stable housing. Without clear title of the family home these opportunities are inaccessible. Further, as aging family members who decease during a pandemic and the complication of hurricane disasters, many families are in grave jeopardy of losing their homes forever.

To address these issues in the immediate term, with LBF funds, Louisiana Appleseed will provide allies with FEMA and impacted individuals with information to assist residents with clouded title. Their existing and updated “Protect Your Property” booklet will be printed and distributed to Disaster Recovery Centers and Multi-Agency Staging Task Force identified by FEMA representatives as ideal for reaching their target audience of impacted property owners. They will also create, print, and distribute a one pager for emergency managers. The one-pagers will educate the managers on heirs’ property issues and direct them to our statewide legal aid providers: Acadiana Legal Services and Southeast Louisiana Legal Services.

The Louisiana Bar Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) entity organized under the state of Louisiana.