2020 Fellows Class Project

The Connecting Legal Needs to Education Project will educate the Fellows Class about many of the unrealized legal needs of Louisiana’s low-income and under-served communities and the efforts being made to find actionable information and resources to provide to those falling within this "Justice Gap". We will highlight the Civil Legal Navigator, an online portal that uses artificial intelligence and curated experiences to direct users to diagnosing whether they have a legal problem and if so, how to find help. Through this project, the Fellows will work closely with Louisiana Appleseed and Lagniappe Law Lab to expand a content library which will help educate people on their legal issues and refer them to the appropriate resource within the civil legal network; thereby improving accessibility, effectiveness, and efficiency of legal services in Louisiana.

This project will complement the work of the Louisiana Bar Foundation and hopefully with the help of the Fellows Class, we will get one step closer to empowering low-income and marginalized members of our community to take the first steps in addressing their most pressing legal needs.

The Fellows Class Project meeting is scheduled for Thursday, February 11, at noon via zoom.

Any Fellows interested in participating may contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



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