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2007-08 Kids' Chance Scholarship Program

Craig - Many, Louisiana
10 years ago Craig's father fell down a flight of stairs while at work, permanently injuring his knee and low back. He has undergone multiple surgeries and procedures, and many hours of physical therapy, but still, he is unable to walk without his brace and crutch.

Craig ranked 8th in his graduating class at Negreet High School; other honors and achievements include Who's Who Among High School Students, National Honor Roll, The National Society of High School Scholars and Quiz Bowl for two years. Craig will attend Northwestern State University, and major in accounting.

Kristen - Castor, Louisiana
In July of 1980 Kristen's father was injured on the job while cutting logs. His back was crushed when a tree snapped and fell across his shoulders. He is permanently in a wheelchair with multiple health problems.

This accident has been a tragic event in Kristen's life, but she is optimistic about the future. "I feel that my father's disability has taught me to be independent and accept life's challenges with a positive attitude," said Kristen.

Kristen will use her Kids' Chance Scholarship to help pay for her college expenses at Louisiana Tech, where her major is elementary education

Megan - Ragley, Louisiana
Megan's father was killed when the work truck he was driving, an oil tanker, flipped over and caught fire. She often thinks to herself how she can make him proud, "It is kind of a good motivation to be a better person," said Megan.

Megan is currently enrolled in the nursing program at Northwestern State University. She would like to be a pediatric nurse.

Brandon - Breaux Bridge, Louisiana
Brandon's father was permanently disabled after his work vehicle was struck from behind, throwing him into another company vehicle. He has been unable to work for 12 years.

Brandon attends the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, where he has been on the Dean's List every semester. He is working on a bachelors degree in nursing and allied health. He would like to get a masters in the science of nursing with a specialization in anesthesia. Brandon says, "Kids' Chance will help me achieve my goals by giving me the financial stability to finish my undergraduate work."

Blake - Florien, LA
Blake's father, who was a car salesmen, took a man for a test drive and was brutally robbed and murdered. His father's death was a devastating event in Blake's life. "I have overcome these circumstances by not becoming bitter and blaming the world for what happened to me. My mother taught me that we take what life deals and become better for it. I choose to do the best I can in school and excel at whatever task I have-if my dad was alive he would be proud of what I have accomplished," said Blake

Blake graduated from Florien High School in the top 5% of his class. He is transferring to Northwestern State University for the fall 07 semester. Blake's goal is to attend college and further his career so that he can make a difference.

Lori - Oberlin, Louisiana
When Lori was in seventh grade, her mother, a meter maid in her hometown was struck on her head by a falling branch. She suffered a broken neck, two crushed vertebras, and three ruptured discs. Her mother spent 10 days in ICU and three months recovering in the hospital. Upon returning home she was in a neck brace for six months and required professional nursing assistantance for a year. She also suffered multiple seizures, memory loss and migraines.

Lori has worked hard to maintain good grades and be an active member in her community and church. She is currently enrolled at McNeese State University, majoring in biology with medical school in her future. The Kids' Chance scholarship will allow Lori to accomplish her goals without the strain of financial worries. Lori has always wanted to be independent and self-sufficient, not having to worry about depending on her parents.

Jarrett - St. Amant, Louisiana
While on the job Jarrett's dad was working under a structure that collapsed, breaking his back paralyzing him. Jarrett has a tremendous amount of respect for his dad, "I can only imagine the courage it must have taken him not to give up, and to accept the life that was ahead of him.

He is the person who I admire the most, even though I have to adjust to many things. I hope one day to be the man that my dad is," he said.

Jarrett will attend the University of New Orleans this year. He is also looking forward to being a member of the Privateer Golf Team. He will major in marketing and hopes to have a career in human resources or insurance.

Molly - Mandeville, Louisiana
Molly's father was killed on a construction site in 2004. He was building a bridge when a beam fell on him. "It has been difficult with the loss of my father. I feel like I have lost my past and at times experience emptiness. With the constant help of my family and friends and with the memories of my father, I have been able to overcome my father's death and realized that my dad would have wanted me to move on and achieve my goals," said Molly.

Molly, attends Louisiana State University, and is majoring in accounting. She plans to attend graduate school and sit for the CPA exam. "With this scholarship, I can focus more on my education rather than worrying about working to help pay for college," said Molly.

Tonya - Winnsboro, Louisiana
Tonya's father was injured when a scaffold fell 32 feet. This left him with a broken back and ankle. Tonya stated, "It is a miracle my dad is alive!" Her fathers's accident was very hard on her while growing up because he is unable to do many things.

Tonya is attending the University of Louisiana at Monroe. She is working to obtain a degree in kinesiology from ULM, and hopes to get into the physical therapy program at Louisiana State University Shreveport. "The Kids' Chance Scholarship has helped with my tuition and books," said Tonya, "The Kids Chance scholarship is helping make my dreams of becoming a physical therapist come true."

Jennifer M. - Carencro, Louisiana
Jennifer's father was injured at work when he was climbing a ladder with a large amount of rope. His foot got caught and he slipped and fell 25 feet, landing on his back. Her father's accident has greatly impacted Jennifer. "I have to set my goals higher, so I study harder, so I can earn scholarship money," said Jennifer.

Jennifer is at Louisiana State University, majoring major in chemical engineering with a minor in business administration. Her ultimate goal is to become a cosmetic and fragrance chemist. Jennifer works hard is and very involved in community service. She will use her Kids' Chance Scholarship to ease the financial burden that higher education could cause her family.

Jennifer P. - Oberlin, Louisiana
In 1998 Jennifer's father drowned in an accident at work. While cleaning the pool at the military base where he worked, he blacked out and sank to the bottom of the pool, where he drowned. "My father's death inspires me to do my best at everything. If he were still alive, he would expect nothing but my best effort," said Jennifer.

Jennifer is attending McNeese State University where she is enrolled in the nursing program and on the President's Honors list. Jennifer loves working with children and wants to be a pediatric nurse .

Natalie - Ragley, Louisiana
Natalie's father was killed in a tragic rice farming accident. While harvesting the rice, his foot slipped and a spinning blade cut his leg resulting in massive blood loss. "The death of a parent is tragic for anyone. Knowing my dad will not be present physically for the rest of my life is hard to overcome," said Natalie, "but I believe he is a big part of my life. I hold him close to me in everything I do."

Natalie goes to McNeese State University where she is studying to be a registered nurse. She plans to work in a local hospital in labor and delivery. She is a repeat recipient of the Kids' Chance Scholarship. She said, "Your support (Kids'Chance) has been so helpful, it allows me to focus on school."

Kimberly - Jennings, Louisiana
Kimberly's father was working as a welder on a barge when a load of pipes fell on his back, disabling him. Kimberly said her dad's injury has made her realize that she wants an education that she can fall back on and no one can take away. "His injury has made me very motivated and has helped me strive to be better educated."

Kimberly is in the animal science program at McNeese State University. She would like to go to graduate school and become a high school biology or home economics teacher. Kids' Chance allows Kimberly to focus on studying and eases the financial burden of going to school.

Kimber Rae - Bogalusa, Louisiana
Kimber Rae's father was working when he was cut in the knee with a grinder, causing extensive nerve and ligament damage. As a result of his injury, major hip and back damage occurred.

Kimber Rae is a graduate of Bogalusa High School where she has been on the honor roll every year, National Honor Roll and participated with the JROTC and the Color Guard. Kimber Rae will attend Southeastern Louisiana University in Hammond and plans to get her bachelors degree in social work.

Seleigh - New Orleans, Louisiana
Seleigh's father was killed instantly when his work truck hit a tree and the machinery in the back flew forward and crushed him. Seleigh says, "My dads death has only made me stronger. I work my hardest everyday because I want him to look down on me and smile."

Seleigh attends Loyola University. She is majoring in political science with a concentration in public relations. She hopes to attend law school someday, and eventually start a non-profit organization for young girls. Because of Hurricane Katrina, Seleigh's family has moved away and she has incurred unexpected expenses. Seleigh knows first hand that balancing school and work is hard; the more financial aid she receives, the fewer hours she has to work to make ends meet.

Joshua - Metairie, Louisiana
In May of 1998, Joshua's father was injured while unloading batteries weighing around 60 to 70 pounds each. Since his accident he is unable to work. "It's been many years since my dad has been able to work. My dad has shown me that even if things are hard or difficult, you have to overcome them when something is important to you," said Joshua.

Joshua, is attending Louisiana State University and majoring in engineering. "Upon graduation I would like to get a job with a local engineering firm and be involved in the rebuilding of our city," says Joshua.

Casey - Metairie, Louisiana
In 1993 Casey's father fell from a roof while working. He had four surgeries following his accident. Casey has learned to work very hard and appreciates everything she does in life. "My father is an inspiration for me," said Casey, "I am proud of him for being so strong and my goal is to make him proud of me!"

Casey, a repeat recipient, has used the Kids' Chance Scholarship to purchase school books and other supplies. "This scholarship has been so helpful for me. I appreciate and feel very blessed to have been able to get this scholarship!"said Casey. She is applying to the respiratory program at Delgado Community College.

Savannah - Deville, LA
Savannah's father climbed a ladder to put dye into a concrete truck, the ladder broke, he fell to the ground, injuring his back. He's had two surgeries but he is permanently disabled.

Savannah attends Louisiana College in Pineville, LA, majoring in math. She dreams of pursuing a masters degree in accounting or math. "The Kids' Chance Scholarship will help me achieve my goals. I appreciate your help very much," said Savannah.

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