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2006-07 Kids' Chance Scholarship Program

Jacob - Lake Charles
Jacob, a resident of Lake Charles, will attend McNeese State and major in wildlife management. He hopes to become a field biologist with Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries. With the help of the Kids' Chance scholarship, Jacob will be able to achieve his academic goals.

Jacob's mother slipped and fell on the job. Due to his mother's long term disability and reduction of family income, Jacob has had to take on various jobs to help around to house. Jacob said, "It has made me have a greater respect and appreciation for all the extra things that my parents used to do for me."

Chianti - Gloster
Chianti, a resident of Gloster, Louisiana, is a recent graduate of North Desoto High in Stonewall, Louisiana. During high school, Chianti ran on the track team. She has also competed in beauty pageants.

Her father, a U.S. Postal Worker, burst two discs in his back while unloading a trailer of mail catalogs. Chianti's father has struggled financially, emotionally and physically. Chianti knows that her father wishes her to continue her education, but that he is unable to help financially.

Chianti will attend Bossier Parish Community College and hopes to become an x-ray technician. Chianti says, "the Kids' Chance Scholarship will help me enter college and also help make my goals in life come true." Chianti is a hard worker and a dedicated student, with the Kids' Chance Scholarship, she will be able to further her education and go on to achieve her goals.

Kristen - Castor
In July of 1980, Kristen's father was injured on the job while cutting logs. A tree beside where he was cutting snapped and fell across his shoulders, crushing his back.

Kristen's father's accident has been a tragic event in her life. "My father's accident caused him not to be able to walk without help and caused other health problems...I feel that my father's disability has taught me to be independent and accept life's challenges with a positive attitude."

She is a recent graduate of Castor High School where she was in the National Honor Society, played basketball, softball and participated in pageants.

Kristen will use her Kids' Chance Scholarship to help pay for her college expenses at Louisiana Tech, where she will major in kinesiology and health promotion.

Megan - Ragley
Megan recently graduated from South Beauregard High School. She had many high school accomplishments, such as captain of her varsity basketball and softball teams, and senior class secretary. Megan was involved in many other activities and was awarded various awards for her many accomplishments such as receiving letters from her sports teams and acquiring honor roll.

Megan wishes to continue her education by attending Northwestern State University and majoring in nursing. Her goal is to become a registered nurse. Kids' Chance will help her pay for college tuition or any other college related needs.

Megan's father was killed in a tragic accident. Her father, a truck driver, flipped the truck he was driving head over tail. The truck then proceeded to run into a ditch and caught fire. The death of her father has been a very tragic loss in Megan's life. "The only thing that helps to ease the pain of him not being here is that I know I will see him again someday." Megan knows her father would be very proud of her as she prepares to go to college. "There are so many things I have accomplished throughout my lifetime already that I know he would be proud of. Hopefully my life will continue being successful so that he can look down on me and be even more proud."

Sally Anne - Baton Rouge
Sally Anne attends Louisiana State University where she is majoring in business management. She hopes to someday operate a dance studio or work in some aspect of marketing. Sally Anne will use her Kids' Chance scholarship to help her with the cost of tuition, books and basic living expenses.

Sally Anne's father was killed in a car accident traveling from Baton Rouge to New Orleans for business. She speaks highly of her father who she says, "My dad was always a very hard worker. I know that he intended for me to continue my education and follow my dreams. By hard work and determination I am able to show people a part of who he was."

Brandon - Breaux Bridge
Brandon is majoring in nursing at the University of Louisiana Lafayette and plans to attend anethesis school.

Brandon's father was involved in an automobile accident ten years ago when he was hit from behind by a co-worker. His dad has had two back surgeries and been treated numerous times for his back injuries sustained in the accident. Brandon has remarkable parents that have done everything they could to make sure he gets the best education possible. "With this scholarship, I will be able to achieve my goal of becoming a certified registered nurse anesthetist" said Brandon.

Robert Blake - Florien
Blake's father, who was a car salesmen, took a man for a test drive and was brutally robbed and murdered. His father's death was a devastating event in Blake's life, but Blake still continues to excel in all that he does. "I have overcome these circumstances by not becoming bitter and blaming the world for what happened to me. I believe that one must deal with what life gives and become better for it. I could have used my circumstances to blame, hate and always take the easy way out; however, I chose to do the best that I could in school and to always excel at whatever I undertake...I want to live my life in a way that would make him proud of me if he were here."

Blake recently graduated from Florien High School in the top 5% of his class. He was a member of the Beta Club for 4 years, State Literary Rally winner in Agriculture for three years, and is in Who's Who Among American High School students.

Blake will attend Louisiana Tech to major in forestry. Blake's goal is "to graduate and find a job in my field and a productive citizen....to pursue a career where I can make a difference in the world."

Lori - Oberlin
When Lori was in seventh grade, her mother, a meter maid in her hometown was struck on her head by a falling branch; she suffered a broken neck, two crushed vertebras, and three ruptured discs. Her mother spent ten days in ICU and three months recovering in the hospital. Upon returning home she was in a neck brace for six months and required nursing assistants for a year. She also suffered multiple seizures, memory loss and migraines.

Lori is enrolled at McNeese State and plans to major in biology. The Kids' Chance scholarship will allow Lori to accomplish her goals without the strain of financial worries. Lori has always wanted to be independent and self-sufficient, not having to worry about depending on her parents.

Jarrett J. - St. Amant
Jarrett is attending River Parish Community College this year. He stated that the Kids' Chance scholarship will take a great deal of financial pressure off his parents.

His father was injured before he was born. While on the job Jarrett's dad was working under a structure that gave way, breaking his back which left him paralyzed. Jarrett has a tremendous amount of respect for his dad, "I can only imagine the courage it must have taken him not to give up, and how hard it must have been to accept the life that was ahead of him, but he did, and through all of the different trials that I have watched him go through, he has set such a wonderful example, to not only me and my sister but to every person he is around. He is the person who I admire the most, even though I have to adjust to many things. I hope one day to be the man that my dad is."

Molly - Mandeville
Molly is a recent graduate of Mandeville High School. Molly will attend LSU and major in either business or pre-med. She hopes to become either a pediatrician or have a business-related career. Her Kids' Chance Scholarship will help pay for her college education. Molly says, "With this scholarship, I can comfortably finance my education and achieve my future career goals."

Molly's father was killed on a construction site, building a bridge when an improperly rigged beam fell on him. "It has been difficult with the loss of my father. I feel like I have lost my past and at times experience emptiness. With the constant help of my family and friends and with the memories of my father, I have been able to overcome my father's death and realized that my dad would have wanted me to move on and achieve my goals" said Molly.

Tonya - Winnsboro
Tonya has been accepted to The University of Louisiana located in Monroe. She plans to major in kinesiology and hopes to become a physical therapist and coach. The Kids' Chance Scholarship will help Tonya pay for her education leading to a brighter future. Tonya credits her parents with trying to help in anyway possible but most of all for their support.

Tonya's father was injured when a scaffold fell thirty-two feet. This left him with a broken back and broken ankle. Tonya stated, "It is a miracle my dad is alive, because he was not predicted to survive." Her father's accident was very hard on her while growing up because he is unable to do the things other parents could do.

Tonya, a second year scholarship recipient said, "I did not receive TOPS and with the financial aid and the Louisiana Bar Foundation Scholarship I was lucky and blessed not to have to pay anything my first and second semesters at school. I am so happy that money was not a problem on my shoulders. Thank you Louisiana Bar Foundation."

Jennifer Lynn - Carencro
Jennifer's father was injured when he was climbing a ladder with 50 pounds of cable. His foot got caught and he slipped and fell 30 feet, landing on his back. Her father's accident has had a big impact on Jennifer. "The special circumstance of my family has made me always strive for the best to achieve all of my goals."

Jennifer will attend LSU and major in chemistry and pre-med. She hopes to become a pediatrician or a pharmacist. Her Kids' Chance Scholarship will help Jennifer achieve her goals. "This scholarship will help me with funding to attend the college of my choice without having a financial burden on my family."

Jennifer participated in many activities in high school such as National Honor Society, Student Council, Youth Group, cheerleading, prom committee, and homecoming committee, along with many others. She has also been awarded several awards and honors during her high school career.

Jennifer - Oberlin
Jennifer recently graduated from St. Edmund High School in Eunice, LA. In high school, she was involved in several school activities, including French Club, National Honor Society, Quiz Bowl, and placement on Honor Roll several times. Jennifer also excelled in sports, participating in tennis, basketball, softball and track.

She will attend McNeese State University in the fall and she plans to major in elementary education, "I want to graduate from college and become a second or third grade teacher." Jennifer said, "This scholarship will help me greatly to graduate from college. I will be able to take many burdens away from my mother, so she doesn't have to worry about funding my education."

Jennifer's father died in 1998 in a drowning accident at work. While cleaning the pool at the military base where he worked, her father attempted to enhance his breathing techniques employed by many master divers in the Navy. Unfortunately, he blacked out and sank to the bottom of the pool, where he drowned.

Natalie - Ragley
Natalie's father was killed in a tragic rice farming accident during harvest season. The rice was piling up in the back of the combine, so Natalie's father proceeded to push it down with his foot. He slipped and the spinning blade cut off his leg resulting in massive blood loss.

Natalie's father's death was an extremely tragic event in her life. She said, "Knowing that he will not be present physically for the rest of my life is hard to overcome; but I believe he is very much a part of my life, and I hope to do the very best I can in everything I do." The money Natalie receives through Kids' Chance will help relieve some of the pressure of paying for tuition, so that she can focus on her studies.

Natalie plans to graduate from McNeese where she is studying to be a registered nurse, hopefully in labor and delivery. She is a repeat recipient of the Kids' Chance Scholarship and said, "Your support (Kids' Chance) has been so helpful, it allows me to focus on school."

Kimberly - Jennings
Kimberly's father was working as a welder in a shipyard when a load of pipes fell on his back. Through her father's accident Kimberly has learned that you never know what may happen in life, therefore, she has studied hard to be able to achieve the best for herself.

The Kids' Chance scholarship allows Kimberly to focus on studying. She recently transferred to McNeese State University and is majoring in animal science studies. She plans to attend veterinary school.

Seleigh - New Orleans
Seleigh attends Loyola University in New Orleans. She is majoring in political science and has dreams of becoming a corporate lawyer. Because of Hurricane Katrina Seleigh has incurred unexpected bills. The scholarship will provide her with the funds to finance her education, taking out fewer loans.

Her father was killed instantly when he received multiple head injuries in an auto accident. He was driving to a job in Mississippi when he ran into a tree. The machinery in the back of the truck slid forward due to the impact of the crash. Seleigh says, "It has encouraged me to work hard, and do my best because I know that is what my father would have wanted."

Drew - New Orleans
Drew is currently attending Tulane University in New Orleans. He is majoring in business and focusing on legal studies. After graduation Drew plans to attend law school to prepare himself for a career in corporate law. The Kids' Chance scholarship will provide Drew with the opportunity to keep student loans to a minimum.

Drew's mother was injured while working as a habilitation specialist in a vocational day school. While helping to restrain one of the students she sustained a neck and back injury. His mother's injury placed more responsibility on Drew at a young age and he believes this has contributed to his current success and work ethic. Drew said that his mother pushes him to become a leader and she has been a great inspiration to be successful.

Joshua - Metairie
Joshua, is attending Louisiana State University and majoring in engineering. He plans to specialize in either civil or petroleum engineering." The Kids' Chance scholarship will provide him with the resources to achieve his goals and relieve his family of some of the financial stress.

In May of 1998, his father was processing a large shipment of two and a half ton truck batteries weighing around sixty to seventy pounds each. While he was unloading them, he injured his back, leaving him unable to work.

Joshua said, "I appreciate what genuine effort can accomplish and I understand the value of hard work." He has learned through his father that even if things are hard or difficult you must overcome them when something is important to you. Joshua is prepared to do whatever it takes to achieve his goals.

Casey - Metairie
In 1993 Casey's father fell from a roof while working. He had four surgeries following his accident. Casey has learned to work very hard and appreciates everything she does in life. Her father's accident has made her a stronger person.

Casey, a second year recipient, has used the Kids' Chance Scholarship to purchase school books and other supplies, "I feel I can work a few hours less and spend that time studying. Thank you!"

She is in school at Delgado Community College and is studying to become a respiratory therapist.

Rachelle - Metairie
Rachelle is Casey's sister. Her father's accident has had a big impact on her. She said, "Having to see my father in such conditions has helped me have a better view point in life itself. It has made me appreciate everything life has to offer for me and has made me a much stronger person."

Rachelle recently graduated from Grace King High School in Metairie, LA. She will attend John Jay Beauty College to become an Esthetician.

Savannah Lynn - Deville
Savannah recently graduated from Buckeye High School, she has been a rally participant for Algebra II, Civics and Physics, Spanish Club President and in Who's Who Among American High School Students. She has been given various awards such as Highest GPA-Spanish, Student of the month for three years, and Outstanding Student.

Savannah will attend Louisiana College in Pineville, LA, majoring in math. She has dreams of becoming a college professor and after graduating from Louisiana College, would like to further her education by attending graduate school to obtain a master's degree.

Though her father's injury has been a tragedy in her life, Savannah also says the circumstances have affected her in a positive way. She said, "Experiencing my father's disability urged me to strive for a better education and obtain a better life. I want to use my gift of knowledge as a doorway to a better future."

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