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2005-06 Kids' Chance Scholarship Program

Ashley - Many, Louisiana
Ashley's father fell ten feet down a flight of stairs while at work. Over the last eight years, her father has undergone many surgeries on his knee and lower back. He is unable to walk without a crutch and brace.

Ashley, who is from Many, Louisiana, has achieved many accomplishments during her academic career at Negreet High School, including the USAA All-American Scholar Award, USAA English Merit Award and the USAA National Leadership and Service Award. Ashley plans to attend Northwestern University in the fall of 2005 and major in accounting.

Ashley stated that being a recipient of the Kids' Chance scholarship she will have the ability to focus on her studies and spend less time worrying about the financial burden of paying for education. Because her family can not help her much financially, Ashley has had to work very hard for many years in school in order to continually be eligible for scholarships and grants.

Jacob - Lake Charles, Louisiana
Jacob, a resident of Lake Charles, Louisiana, is a recent graduate of St. Louis High School. While at St. Louis High, Jacob was selected to attend Louisiana Boys State as well as lettering in football. He will be attending school in the fall where he plans to major in chemical engineering.

After attaining his degree, Jacob has stated, "I would like to get a job at a plant or mechanical facility. Upon securing a good job with financial stability, I would like to marry and raise a family."With the help of the Kids' Chance scholarship, Jacob will be able to achieve his academic goals of completing his college education.

Jacob's mother slipped and fell on the job. Due to his mother's long term disability and reduction of family income, Jacob has had to take on various jobs to help around to house. Jacob said, "It has made me have a greater respect and appreciation for all the extra things that my parents used to do for me."

Natalie - Ragley, Louisiana
Natalie's father was killed in a tragic rice farming accident during harvesting season. The rice was piling up in the back of the combine, so Natalie's father proceeded to push it down with his foot. He slipped and the spinning blade cut off his leg resulting in massive blood loss.

Natalie's father's death was an extremely tragic event in her life. " Knowing that he will not be present physically for the rest of my life is hard to overcome; but I believe he is very much a part of my life, and I hope to do the very best I can in everything I do." The money Natalie receives through Kids' Chance will help relieve some of the pressure of paying for tuition, so that she can focus on her studies.

Natalie hopes to graduate from McNeese where she is studying to be a registered nurse. She continues to live at home in Ragley Louisiana while she attends college. Natalie has received the McNeese Achievement Award and was on the National Honor Society for Freshmen during her time at McNeese.

Sally Anne - Prairieville, Louisiana
Sally Anne attends Louisiana Tech University where she is majoring in management. She is planning to transfer to Louisiana State University for the Fall 2005 semester. A major in management will provide Sally Anne with the right tools to achieve her dream which is to open her own dance studio.

Sally Anne will use her Kids' Chance scholarship to help her with the cost of tuition, books and basic living expenses. She understands that in the very near future her personal expenses will greatly increase and having financial assistance for school helps her minimize this burden.

Sally Anne's father was killed in a car accident traveling from Baton Rouge to New Orleans for business. She speaks highly of her father who she says, " was always a very hard worker. I know that he intended for me to continue my education and follow my dreams. By hard work and determination I am able to show people a part of who he was."

Christopher - DeQuincy, Louisiana
Christopher, a resident of DeQuincy, Louisiana, hopes to apply his Kids' Chance scholarship to his college education where he plans to major in Computer Technology. Christopher attended DeQuincy High School where he lettered in track and participated in the school choir.

While on duty with the police department, Christopher's father was electrocuted while investigating an accident. Christopher has learned a lot from his fathers accident, stating," I've learned that life can be taken away at anytime. Instead of living in fear of death, I'm going to enjoy life and fear I have not lived to my true potential."

Christopher will get the opportunity to enjoy his college career without having to worry about the financial burdens. Christopher acknowledges the fact that this is the most important time to earn his education.

Vickie Keys - Port Barre, Louisiana
Vickie's father was injured in the line of duty as a policeman when a suspect backed his car over Vickie's father. He was pinned between a building and the suspect's vehicle. Unfortunately, this tragic event would only be the first of many horrible events in Vickie's life. In 1998 Vickie's family home was set on fire by an arsonist while she and her family were inside. In 2002 Vickie's mother lost her job due to her employer shutting down. She has overcome her tragedies by putting her faith, hope and trust in God. Vickie has had to really apply herself and work hard for what she has wanted to achieve.

Kids' Chance will help Vickie achieve her goals by giving her the chance to acquire the supplies needed to have a top education. Since she plans to live on campus the financial help will also allow her to focus on her lessons and not the finances. Vickie plans to attend the University of Louisiana in the Fall of 2005 where she will major in Visual Arts or Secondary Education.

Vickie, who is from Port Barre, Louisiana attended Port Barre High School. She is a deeply committed student who was on honor roll, prom committee, homecoming committee and State Rally for Algebra.

Brandon - Breaux Bridge, Louisiana
Brandon recently graduated from St. Thomas More High School in Lafayette, Louisiana. During his time at St. Thomas More Brandon was on the National Honors Society and a member of Who's Who Among American High School Students. He also competed in many sports such as Cross Country which he lettered in for four years and was named All-District his junior year. Brandon was also a track and field academic letterman for one year.

Brandon's father was involved in an automobile accident ten years ago when he was hit from behind by a coworker. He's had two back surgeries and been treated numerous times for his back injuries sustained in the accident. Brandon has remarkable parents that have done everything they could to make sure he gets the best education. " My parents work very hard to provide me the best education possible,...I have overcome these circumstances by not giving into them. I have always been willing to work hard to achieve my goals."

Brandon will receive help through Kids' Chance to attend school at the University of Louisiana. The money given to him will help Brandon afford to pay for his education, which is something he would have not normally been able to afford.

Jacob - Jennings, Louisiana
Jacob is a returning Kids' Chance scholarship recipient from Jennings, Louisiana. Jacob is currently attending Louisiana State University where he is studying to receive a major in Animal Science and Mass Communication. After graduation Jacob plans to pursue a graduate degree in public policy. While at LSU Jacob was honored as a 2005 Truman Scholarship Finalist, 2004 Homecoming Court and LSU's College of Agriculture Outstanding Sophomore.

"As the child of a disabled worker, I have vowed to refrain from asking my parents for any financial assistance during my college career". Jacob will be receiving the Kids' Chance Scholarship for the second year and this will help him to continue his education. Jacob has learned valuable financial independence which at times has been difficult but with programs like Kids' Chance Jacob can graduate debt free.

In the Spring of 1997 Jacob's father suffered a work related injury to his lower back. He has undergone two surgeries that left him with scar tissue and chronic pain. The emotional and physical pain affected every aspect of his father's life including finality of Jacob's parents marriage.

Lori - Oberlin, Louisiana
When Lori was in seventh grade, her mother, a meter maid in her hometown was struck on her head by a falling branch; she suffered a broken neck, two crushed vertebras, and three ruptured discs. Her mother spent ten days in ICU and three months recovering in the hospital. Upon returning home she was in a neck brace for six months and required nursing assistants for a year. She also suffered multiple seizures, memory loss and migraines. Lori's mother's accident changed not only Lori's life, but affected the marriage of her parents.Lori, a resident of Oberlin, Louisiana, hopes to major in pre-med or biology. After college Lori plans to take the MCAT and eventually study specialized pediatrics. The Kids' Chance scholarship will allow Lori to accomplish her goals without the strain of financial worries. Lori has always wanted to be independent and self-sufficient, not having to worry about depending on her parents every month.

Lori's accomplishments during her academic career at Oberlin High School were exceptional. Lori received awards such as the National FCCLA Voting Delegate, Allen Parish Student of the Year, and served as Freshman and Senior Homecoming Maid. Lori was also a member of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes for two years where she served as Vice President for both years.

Jarrett - St. Amant, Louisiana
Through the financial help of Kids' Chance Jarrett has stated, "It would take a great deal of pressure off my parents, who are on a very limited income and allow me to obtain my education." Jarrett plans to attend Nicholls State in the fall of 2005 where he will major in Pre-Law. Jarrett also received a scholarship for golf from Nicholls State.

Jarrett, while at St. Amant High School, was awarded the Great Gator award, lettered all four years in golf, made All Metro first team two years and made All State last year. He was chosen to the Louisiana Junior Cup Team for the past three years and recently earned Junior PGA player of the year.

Jarrett's father was injured before he was born. While on the job he was under a structure that gave way breaking his back which left him paralyzed. "When my dad's accident happened he was only three years older than I am right now. I can only imagine the courage it must have taken him not to give up, and how hard it must have been to accept the life that was ahead of him, but he did, and through all of the different trials that I have watched him go through, he has set such a wonderful example, to not only me and my sister but to every person he is around. He is the person who I admire the most, even though I have to adjust to many things. I hope one day to be the man that my dad is."

Tonya - Winnsboro, Louisiana
Tonya, a resident of Winnsboro, Louisiana, recently graduated from Franklin Academy. In high school, Tonya was recognized for her outstanding achievements. These include, Coach Award in Basketball, USSA Math Award, and Who's Who Among American High School Students.

Tonya has been accepted to The University of Louisiana located in Monroe. She plans to major in kinesiology and hopes to become a physical therapist and coach. The Kids' Chance Scholarship will help Tonya pay for her education leading to a brighter future. Tonya credits her parents with trying to help in anyway possible but most of all for their support.

Tonya's father was injured when a scaffold fell thirty two feet. This left him with a broken back and right ankle. "It is a miracle my dad is alive because he was not predicted to survive." Her fathers's accident was very hard on her while growing up because he is unable to do the things other parents could do.

Kimberly - Jennings, Louisiana
Kimberly's father was working as a welder in a shipyard when a load of pipes fell on his back. Through her father's accident Kimberly has learned that you never know what may happen in life, therefore, she has studied hard to be able to achieve the best for herself.

The Kids' Chance scholarship will help her further her education. She can now focus all of her time on studying. Kimberly is currently attending Louisiana State University in Eunice but hopes to transfer to Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge in the fall of 2006. She will major in animal sciences and plans on attending a veterinary school.

She graduated from Hathaway High School in Jennings, Louisiana where she was an honors student. While at LSU in Eunice, she was on student government. Kimberly's brother Steven is also a Kids' Chance scholarship recipient.

Steven - Jennings, Louisiana
Steven is from Jennings, Louisiana. He graduated from Hathaway High School and attended Louisiana State University in Eunice. He is currently attending Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge. He is studying pre-med and hopes to become a pediatrician. Steven has been in honors English and is a member of student government.

Steven's father was injured when a load of pipes from a barge fell on his back. The disability of his father has taught Steven to work hard at his studies. His father has also taught him, "You can over come your pain and make the best out of what life has dealt you." Steven's sister Kimberly is also receiving a scholarship through Kids' Chance.

Having a scholarship allows Steven to focus more on school and less on financial circumstances. Because his family is putting two children through school, this money greatly benefits the entire Rider family.

Seleigh - New Orleans, Louisiana
Seleigh is using her Kids' Chance Scholarship to attend Loyola University in New Orleans, Louisiana. Seleigh is majoring in political science and has dreams of becoming a corporate lawyer. The scholarship will provide her with the funds to finance her education without taking out more loans.

Seleigh graduated from Eleanore McMain High School in New Orleans, Louisiana . She was the most valuable player for her track team and graduated summa cum laude.

Her father was killed instantly when he was involved in a car accident. He was driving to a job in Mississippi when he ran into a tree. The machinery in the back of the truck slid forward due to the impact of the crash. Seleigh says, "It has encouraged me to work hard, and do my best because I know that is what my father would have wanted."

Dionne - New Orleans, Louisiana
Dionne's father was working on a construction site when he fell four floors, the impact killing him. Since her father's death, Dionne has felt more determination to reach her goals. This is how she plans to repay her father.

Kids' Chance is helping Dionne go to the university of her choice. She has applied to Xavier University and Spelmen College. She plans to major in pre-med and one day become a pediatrician.

Dionne graduated from St. Mary's Academy in New Orleans, Louisiana where she is a resident as well.

Drew - New Orleans, Louisiana
Drew is currently attending Tulane University in New Orleans. He is majoring in business but focusing on legal studies. After graduation Drew plans to attend law school to prepare himself for a career in corporate law. The Kids' Chance scholarship will provide Drew with the opportunity to continue his education.

Drew's mother was injured while working as a habilitation specialist in a vocational day school. While helping to restrain one of the students she sustained a neck and back injury. His mother's injury requires Drew to take care of her. Drew said that his mother pushes him to become a leader and she has been a great example inspirationally to be successful.

While at Northshore High School Drew received many awards including, the 2000 Panther Achievement Award, 2003 Jefferson Scholarship Nominee and 2003 Kiwanis Club Student of the Year. Drew, a great athlete, was named the 2003 Gatorade 5A State Student Athlete of the Year.

Joshua - Metairie, Louisiana
Joshua, from Metairie, Louisiana, graduated from Archbishop Rummel High School where he was on honor roll every year. He was a member of the Student Council, Big Brother Program and helped with Special Olympics. Joshua also participated in many sports such as soccer and football.

Joshua will be receiving a scholarship to help him continue at Louisiana State University in the fall of 2005. He is majoring in engineering and will specialize in either civil or petroleum engineering. Joshua said, " I appreciate what a genuine effort can accomplish and I understand the value of hard work." The Kids' Chance scholarship will provide him with the resources to achieve his goals and relieve his family of some of the financial stress.

In May of 1998, his father was processing a large shipment of two and a half ton truck batteries weighing around sixty to seventy pounds each. While he was unloading them, he injured his back, leaving him unable to work. Joshua has learned through his father that even if things are hard or difficult you must overcome them when something is important to you. Joshua is prepared to do whatever it takes to achieve his goals.

Casey - Metairie, Louisiana
Casey's father fell from a roof while working. He had four surgeries following his accident. Casey has learned to work very hard and appreciates everything she does in life. Her father's accident has made her a stronger person.

Casey is from Metairie, Louisiana where she graduated from Grace King High School. She graduated with honors and a grade point average of 3.6. She is currently attending Delgado Community College where she was on the Dean's List.

The Kids' Chance scholarship has given Casey the chance to continue her education. She plans to stay at Delgado and study business. Then she will attend the University of New Orleans. She hopes to get a job with the government to improve her business education.

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