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Lawyer's Challenge for Children

The Louisiana Bar Foundation has established the Children's Legal Services Fund to provide special grants to non-profit organizations giving children access to special education and health-care services, mental health and foster care services. Additionally, the fund provides support for advocacy in administrative and legal proceedings and impacts litigation and systemic legal reform on behalf of children. With this dedicated funding, the LBF hopes to energize a statewide network of legal assistance to mentally and physically disabled children, children in the foster system, children in the juvenile justice system, and children who are not receiving the minimum access to educational services required by law.

Your donation will provide help:
  • to learning disabled children in need of testing and educational services required by law;
  • to disabled children suspended from school or placed in the hands of juvenile justice authorities or law enforcement for behavior problems directly related to a disability;
  • to older foster children who do not receive mandated independent living skills training and, at age 18, are simply removed from state care; and
  • to disabled children improperly denied federal disability benefits, or for foster children denied health care or mental health treatment ordered by the courts.
For more information contact Laura C. Sewell at 504-561-1046 or Laura@raisingthebar.org.

Donations can be made online or by check payable to the Louisiana Bar Foundation, 1615 Poydras Street, Ste. 1000, New Orleans, LA 70112.
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