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Foundation Staff

Donna C. Cuneo, Executive Director
Donna is responsible for the overall administration of the Foundation, including the Interest on Lawyers Trust Account program, in accordance with policy and programmatic decisions of the Board of Directors, and the effective operation of the staff. She organizes, directs, coordinates, and implements activities to accomplish policy and programmatic decisions.

Renee B. LeBoeuf, Grants Manager
Renee is responsible for the overall administration of grant programs established by the Foundation's Board of Directors. She works under the direction of the Executive Director and is a member of the Executive Department. She ensures compliance by LBF grantees, evaluates grant outcomes, initiates grant payments, and maintains the grants database. Additionally, the Renee works with the volunteer members of the Grants Committee and other committees that may be appointed for special funding opportunities.

Sue Garrett, Director of Administration
Sue is responsible for all financial information, administers employee benefits programs and policies and works with vendors and office service providers. She works closely with the Secretary-Treasurer, the Executive Director, the Budget/Investment Committee and auditor.

Tina M. Ferrera, Administration Coordinator
Tina has oversight of attorney and bank participation in the IOLTA program. Responsible for the ongoing analysis of bank performance with applicable rules and policies. Maintains records specific to attorney and bank compliance in the program. Coordinates all Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable. Works under the supervision of the Director of Administration and assists with the IOLTA Administration Committee and the Budget/Investment Committee.

Jack Harvey, Administrative Assistant
Jack works under the direction of the Director of Administration and ensure budget compliance with grants and be responsible for the processing of IOLTA remittance information from participating IOLTA financial institutions.

Dennette Young, Communications Director
Dennette is responsible for all message creation and delivery, publications, educational materials and the coordination of public relations activities.

Dee Jones, Public Relations Coordinator
Dee assists with the implementation of efforts relative to the communications department which includes message creation and delivery and public relations.

Laura Sewell, Development Director
Laura works with the Board, Resource Development Committee and other management staff to shape and create a comprehensive development program, including an annual fund, major gifts and special projects.

Danielle J. Marshall, Outreach & Events Manager
Danielle coordinates and facilitates fundraising events and activities. She maintains database files and records and provides administrative support to the Development Director.

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